Project overview and objectives


An overview describing quality practices, processes, actions, and measures to help the different stakeholders monitoring the progress of the E -STEAMSEL project. Our aim is to empower teachers, especially girls and secondary school students with multiple disadvantages, in STEAM and SEL areas and to motivate them to use their skills in a wider way.

Project objectives

  • E-STEAMSEL is to give every student the opportunity to learn about technologies and to help them define themselves as innovators and changers who can take an active role in finding solutions to the problems they care about. In addition, to support them to be individuals who are sensitive to environmental problems and have an aesthetic point of view.
  • STEAM and SEL fields as a whole and develop them at the transnational level with an e-learning Platform as its main objective is to prepare our students for the digital world of the future.
  • The main aim of the project is to empower and increase the qualifications of school students and parents who have fewer opportunities.The project especially aims to support students in the fields of mathematics and science where they have the most difficulties and to strengthen their creative thinking skills with art classes.
  • In addition, the project will produce materials to develop students’ SEL skills. We aim to produce e-materials by using gamification (digital game) and problem-solving-based learning methods and to empower our students in these areas. İn addition the project focuses on presenting the guidance service portal to our students and parents by moving it to the digital space too.

Project target groups

Young people (12-18) with disadvantages

Teachers / educators / school and parents working with 12-18 age group

DECISION MAKERS, Policy formulators, NGOs, youth workers and public